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Straumann Ltd

May 2013

We were first introduced to IDM by Ivoclar who highly recommended them and we have been working with IDM now for over 3 years on various internet initiatives. It was vital that we found the right company that we could trust who could deliver on promises especially in these times where the rules of marketing is changing. IDM showed us the way and helped us, trained us and advise us on the right approach in this ever changing environment, without using any jargon!.. well not too much.

We have found the whole team are very helpful; They don't waste our money and IDM analysts have a wealth of knowledge regarding SEO. The website designers are very creative in their thinking and always have in the forefront of their mind the end user conversion rate, optomisation and budgets. I have always found the company to be very accommodating and honest with their advice and feedback .

IDM are now working for Straumann on international campaigns and our relationship is going from strength to strength

I Need A New Smile

I Need A New Smile Website

A new, highly effective website

"There wasn’t much to our old website and we knew that we had to do more in order to appeal to new patients. IDM created a brand new website that had much more patient information and achieved our ultimate aim – we could now run competitions. They also do a great job with the behind the scenes work that is doing very well with getting us found by prospective customers on Google."

Background: Set up for one of the world’s leading dental manufacturers

I need a new smile is the UK’s home of cosmetic dental solutions, tooth restoration and dental information. The company requiring I need a new smile was set up many years ago as a single manufacture for ceramic teeth and has since evolved to become industry leading dental specialists.

Challenge: create an informative website with the facilities to run competitions

One of the main problems with the existing website was that there wasn’t enough patient information available. With limited content, visitors to the website were left feeling unsure of exactly what I need a new smile could offer them and therefore conversions were low. Further to this, the company needed to be able to run competitions from their website as this couldn’t be done on the main brand site. IDM therefore needed to incorporate this interactive facility into a brand new website.

Solution: a new bespoke website with regular competitions

IDM worked hard to create a brand new bespoke website that delivered all the information that patients could possibly need. As well as this, the company can now also run as many competitions as they like through the website for patients who dream about having a new smile.

Using the most effective key search terms, IDM also applied effective SEO and PPC techniques to increase their online conversions, drive higher volumes of traffic and ensure that the right people were coming to the website.

Results: happy patients and successful competitions

Since the launch of their new website, I need a new smile has a whole host of happy patients who can find any information they need online. They have also run a number of competitions that have successfully enhanced their brand exposure and goodwill.

What happened next?

In order to ensure that I need a new smile’s online enquiries continue to increase, we regularly monitor and make improvements to their SEO and PPC campaigns. We also continue to push their digital marketing strategy, including blog creation, to maintain their online success, drive enquiries and improve rankings in search engine results pages.

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