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Straumann Ltd

May 2013

We were first introduced to IDM by Ivoclar who highly recommended them and we have been working with IDM now for over 3 years on various internet initiatives. It was vital that we found the right company that we could trust who could deliver on promises especially in these times where the rules of marketing is changing. IDM showed us the way and helped us, trained us and advise us on the right approach in this ever changing environment, without using any jargon!.. well not too much.

We have found the whole team are very helpful; They don't waste our money and IDM analysts have a wealth of knowledge regarding SEO. The website designers are very creative in their thinking and always have in the forefront of their mind the end user conversion rate, optomisation and budgets. I have always found the company to be very accommodating and honest with their advice and feedback .

IDM are now working for Straumann on international campaigns and our relationship is going from strength to strength

Everybody Smiles

Everybody Smiles Website

A new brand and first class offering

"IDM worked hard to get us out of a difficult situation. We wanted to put more of an emphasis on the higher level private offering that we can provide patients with but at the same time we didn’t want to alienate our existing client base. We love the look and feel of the brand new website – as well as being completely modernised it also allows us to reach out to a higher level of different clients who may be interested in our dental work."

Background: a dental practice dedicated to the needs of their patients

The practice behind Everybody Smiles is an established dentist boasting an excellent reputation for quality, service and real value for money. They provide a breakthrough approach to preventative care and education and regardless of age, they are dedicated to ensuring that their patients maintain optimum oral health for life.

Challenge: provide a higher level offering without alienating existing clients

Everybody Smiles was already a well-established dental practice and had a good existing website to back this up. However, they wanted to show that they could also provide a higher level private offering without alienating their existing patients.

Solution: a new brand and website that offers first class service

In order to achieve exactly what the company wanted, IDM designed and executed a new brand and website that employed a higher quality look and feel. Stylised imagery and copy was created in order to deliver a sense of first class service to each and every patient. Further to this, phone calls and emails that came from the website were tracked and sent directly to the treatment co-coordinator so that Everybody Smiles could monitor the type of enquiries they were receiving from this new additional website.

Results: a new service offering that doesn’t affect existing patients

Everybody Smiles now has a new brand and website that offers a higher level service without affecting their existing business. With the ability to reach out to different target audiences, the company continues to increase their income stream, online reach and client database.

What happened next?

In order to ensure that online enquiries continue to increase for Everybody Smiles, IDM works hard to make sure that the website always keeps up with the latest online trends and is always fully search engine optimised (SEO). We also continue to push their digital marketing strategy, which even includes blog creation in order to maintain their success as well as drive new and existing traffic to the website.

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