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Straumann Ltd

May 2013

We were first introduced to IDM by Ivoclar who highly recommended them and we have been working with IDM now for over 3 years on various internet initiatives. It was vital that we found the right company that we could trust who could deliver on promises especially in these times where the rules of marketing is changing. IDM showed us the way and helped us, trained us and advise us on the right approach in this ever changing environment, without using any jargon!.. well not too much.

We have found the whole team are very helpful; They don't waste our money and IDM analysts have a wealth of knowledge regarding SEO. The website designers are very creative in their thinking and always have in the forefront of their mind the end user conversion rate, optomisation and budgets. I have always found the company to be very accommodating and honest with their advice and feedback .

IDM are now working for Straumann on international campaigns and our relationship is going from strength to strength

Dental Implants Dentists

Dental Implants Dentists Website


Straumann LTD approached IDM as they were looking at new and quite unique ways to provide better more valued services for their customer. Straumann wanted to be seen as more business partners and wanted to make a real difference to their customers and their business and to be a new offering within the MORE THAN IMPLANTS™ loyalty scheme for Gold and Platinum customers.


Straumann needed to put their customers at the top of the search engines and help their customers attain more direct leads, web traffic and Google visibility.

With over 100 customers to optomise and coming from all over UK and Ireland all looking for web discoverability for their practice; they needed help to gain new self referred patients, most importantly had to be measurable and above all valued by customers.

The big challenge was that Search term “ Dental Implants “ is highly competitive, we needed to get these 100 practices nailed to the top of Google.


IDM suggested a Website Directory optimized nationally and locally around each practice for people searching for “Dental Implants Dentists” “ Dental Implant Clinics”.

Each of the 100 practices each had a dedicated page with a link to their own existing website. The site is very measurable and as part of our service we provide a monthly tracking sheet, which identifies the number of unique visitors to the site as well as a dedicated telephone numbers tracking device, which track all the calls to each of the practices.

The whole project was managed by IDM and from concept to completion took around 4 months to complete.

The Result

The Website directory is now visible on the first page of many of the practices locations including Ireland and has currently around 340 unique visitors per month using the site . In addition there is on average 3 call a month into practices from new patients who has come from this site.

Next Step

The success of this website has driven new business to Straumann Customers in and due to its accomplishments Straumann UK have commissioned another website Directory for CDT’s and also now we are working on an international campaign the Customer Marketing Department based in Basal Switzerland. .

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